Forest Futures is a land management firm established in 2013. Based in London, we’re a specialized team, providing access and services to land management projects in forest landscapes including forest carbon projects (reforestation and REDD+) and supply chain projects.

Our team is passionate about saving the environment. We want to help people and businesses understand the impact they have on the environment and to do something meaningful about it. We are here to help you set and achieve your environmental objectives.

We have wide-ranging experience – from developing carbon projects on the ground and certifying their environmental impact to selling carbon offsets. We also have the marketing expertise to assist you to communicate your great work to the world and use it to strengthen your brand. Whatever your needs, we provide a service which fits around you.

We’ve put a lot of thought into carefully selecting only the highest quality projects which provide maximum benefit to rainforests, the people that depend on them and our planet. We know them inside and out, and have great relationships with everyone involved: from native communities and project developers to the standard bodies, registries and auditors.