Project Summary

Developed by our partner Ecotierra, The Shade Coffee and Cocoa Reforestation Project is a large scale reforestation initiative of degraded land generating high socio-economic and environmental impact. This 30,000 acres Peruvian-based project spans from the Ecuadorian to the Bolivian border, on the eastern side of the Andes.

The first nationwide project of its kind to ever be validated by VCS, the Shade Coffee and Cocoa Reforestation Project works with more than 15,000 small producers grouped within 33 cooperatives. All share a common vision of developing a sustainable agriculture through the reforestation of degraded land, tackling global warming, creating a productive forest and while capturing carbon dioxide.

While the reforestation of the degraded parcels will have a direct benefit on the environment, such as landscape management, water quality/quantity, soil erosion etc., it will also strengthen the cooperative importance within the community.


  • Social and Environmental Benefits

    Climate: Through better promotion of landscape management, the project will sequester carbon, serve as water resources protection, soil restoration and help small farmers adapt to the climate change realities.

    Community: Consolidate cooperatives of farmers as a natural strategic partner in the sustainable development of their communities, increases the family income of producers and reduce their economic vulnerability.

  • Contact Us

    Please contact us if you wish to plant more than one acre of coffee and cocoa trees!