Whether you are an individual or a company, measuring your carbon footprint is the first step to understanding your impact on the environment.

The amount of greenhouse gas emissions of a company, event, product or service is commonly referred to as ‘carbon footprint’ or ‘carbon inventory’. Calculating the carbon inventory of large companies can be complicated and challenging. On the other hand, measuring the carbon footprint of  small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that offer just services can be straight forward.

Forest Futures conducts corporate carbon inventory (Scopes 1, 2 & 3) and product carbon footprint assessments according to ISO 14064-1, the GHG Protocol, PAS 2050, three of the world’s most widely used carbon accounting standards. In addition, we walk you through the process to certify your carbon neutrality using the PAS 2060 standard.

We also help companies to report their emissions for internal and external audiences. This is important to show leadership on climate change and rainforest protection. Also it enhances your social responsibility and sustainability credentials and establishes better links to stakeholders.

If you’re an individual, we can help you measuring your emissions from your car use, trip abroad or your household emissions.

Where to start?
Strategy and action plan

There are several reasons why you should implement a sustainability programme. But we have a recurrent question from our clients: where to start?

Forest Futures helps businesses that have an environmental and sustainability objective to develop a sound strategy and action plan based on their strengths, constrains, etc. Let’s discuss your objectives so that we can advise you on ways that your business can start taking action.

If you have some ideas but not yet a clear objective, we can help you to clarify your environmental objectives making sure that they are in line with your overall business strategy.