Forest Futures offers several services and products that help protect the climate and reduce your environmental impact in ways that directly benefit rainforests, local communities and precious ecosystems. We can help you find the right one for you.
Carbon Measurement and Reporting

Whether you are an individual or organization, measuring your carbon emissions is the first step to understanding the role you play in the health of the climate. It also means you will have a benchmark to measure and track your progress against.

Carbon Offsetting

You might choose to offset your carbon emissions. This way, you can measure the impact you’re having very accurately; by tonnes of carbon. You can offset emissions for yourself, your organisation or one of its products or services. Or you may even decide you want to be carbon-neutral.

Agricultural Products Trading

Forest Futures provides sustainably produced or harvested products such as brazil nuts, coffee, cacao and sacha inchi (Inca inchi).

Advisory Services

Forest Futures provides transaction advisory services to developers and investors of climate change and land management projects, including preparing or reviewing cash-flow models, scenario and sensitivity analysis and information on financial and corporate matters.