Amazon Rainforest

Forest Futures commercializes

carbon offsets from forest-related

projects and sustainable agricultural

and agro-forestry products

Coffee Beans – Forest Futures

The products we sell are sustainably

produced or harvested and

bring measurable social and environmental benefits

to local communities

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About 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions

worldwide are a consequence of forest destruction.

We support high-quality REDD+ projects

that protect threatened forests.


Forest Futures provides financial

advisory services to project developers and

investors and measures the carbon

footprint of companies and individuals

Campo Verde Reforestation, Protection and Enrichment

A Brazil nut concessioner’s story

Drive from Puerto Maldonado along the Inter-Oceanic Highway in the direction of Brazil, and you will arrive at the small village of Alegria, or Happiness, home to Peruvian concessioner Felicitas Ramirez. Felicitas earns her living as a Brazil nut harvester, working a 330-hectare tract of primary forest three kilometers from the village. Felicitas has exclusive […]


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